Add Money to Your Son's

The student ID card is used as a debit card to purchase
lunch in the school cafeteria.

You must maintain the card by replenishing the account regularly.

Add $25.00

Add $50.00

There is a service charge for credit card use.

You may also use cash to add money to your son's lunch card.
Put cash in an envelope with your son's name and grade listed.
Have your son bring the envelope to the Book Store
(off the Student Lobby, near the Chapel door)
between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.
Cash to replenish the lunch card can only be accepted
at that time.

Lost ID Cards: ID Cards can be replaced at a cost of $15.00.
When an ID Card is lost, the money on the card is NOT lost.
The balance is transferred to the new card.

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