Information About Salesian High’s
Internet Online Databases

Our databases can be accessed from the Salesian High Library page on our school web site. All of them can also be accessed from home with a password. A list of these passwords can be obtained in the library.

Each database has a specialty. They are…
Facts on File Databases

Salesian High's Collection of Facts on File databases includes...
  • Ancient and Medieval History Online
    • Perfect for Global Studies I class
  • American History Online
    • Perfect for American History class, Government class, and freshman Writing and Computer Literacy projects for the American History Academy
  • Modern World History Online
    • Perfect for Global Studies II class
  • Bloom's Literary Reference Online
    • Perfect for all English classes
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History pays part of the yearly cost of the subscription to this service.
Issues and Controversies in American History
Issues and Controversies in American History is a clear, concise, and balanced explanations of the most contentious issues in American history, placing students in the middle of the great historical debates, and allowing them to view these issues as they were being argued.  Biographies, timelines, background articles, photographs, and maps augment the curriculum-based coverage of historical events.  Carefully selected primary documents, linking directly to the factual coverage, give the points of view on all sides of the debates as they were promulgated at the time.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History pays for the yearly cost of the subscription to this service.
Gale Student Resources in Context
Gale databases not only return better search results than Google, but better organized search results than Google.

Our school's most important online database, Gale Student Resources in Context is a giant compendium of information about virtually all school topics. (This database was formerly known as The Student Resource Center.)  Its information consists of reference book articles, newspaper, magazine, and  journal articles, primary documents, images, videos, and music. Each search returns an overview article with photo, a Factbox, images, videos, and audio files, information "buckets" with reference book, journal, newspaper and magazine articles, primary sources and recommended websites.  Also included in each search are related searches (to help you continue on to find more information) and Tools to enable you to bookmark and e-mail articles and share them on sites like Facebook.  You can read an article or listen to it read to you, even translate the article into another language.  All articles include the correct MLA 7 citation to copy and paste into your Works Cited page.
Gale Science in Context

Gale Science in Context (formerly known as The Science Resource Center) is an in-depth, curriculum-oriented science database that provides a one-stop resource for all science-related research needs. This database works exactly like the other Gale In Context databases.  This 24/7 resource reflects curriculum trends and focuses on key concepts taught in school classrooms, including...

  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Health and Medicine
  • Math and Technology
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • NOVELNY (or New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) Databases
    from Gale Cengage
    New York State has provided to schools and libraries a collection of Gale Cengage databases through the NOVELNY program.  Included are the following databases:
    • Gale Business Insights: Essentials – excellent for Economics class.
    • Opposing Viewpoints In Context Opposing Viewpoints in Context covers today’s hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Health Care to Immigration.  Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps you research, analyze and organize information for completing writing assignments, preparing for debates, creating presentations, and more.
    Additionally, there are many collections of searchable newspaper, journal, and magazine articles, including:
    •  Academic OneFile, Infotrac Newsstand and Gannett Newsstand
    • Popular Magazines
    • Health Reference Center Academic
    • The Criminal Justice, Psychology, Communications & Mass Media, Business Economics & Theory, among many more.  Click here to see all collections.

    PowerSearch enables you to search through all of the NOVELNY Gale databases and the Gale databases provided by Salesian High School all at once!  Click here to download and read the PowerSearch Navigation GuideClick here to download and read PowerSearch Search Tips.

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